the different grades of matcha tea

Matcha tea comes in different grades. What you pay for is flavor profile, not nutrients. Young leaves, plucked early in the
harvest, produce delicate and vegetal flavors. Mature leaves contain more course matter from stems and veins and taste more
astringent. The following illustration denotes how grades are determined.

Matcha Buyers Guide
Matcha for Blending

Dakota Matcha

Pale in hue and astringent on the palate, use this bulk economical option for blending in power drinks, smoothies and desserts with sugar and cream.

Gotcha Matcha

Cafe Grade - perfect for adding to blended drinks or for use in recipes try it in smoothies, lattes, savory sauces and desserts.
Matcha for Sipping

Morning Matcha

Classic grade matcha, made from early harvest leaves. The taste is vegetal with a distinct bitter note at the end. Excellent for tea whisked in a bowl.

Kama Matcha

Ceremony Grade highest concentration of amino acids, adding to the complexity of the taste and aroma of the tea. If DayGlow had a state of infancy, this would be it. Bright grassy notes softened by copious quantities of creamy amino acids.

Which matcha should I choose?

If you are really into the distinct rich creamy mouth feel of a Kama Ceremony Grade Matcha you should invest in it.
If you are blending into a berry drink, then I always recommend a Café Grade Gotcha Matcha which is a better value.
It’s like cooking with fine wine, you wouldn’t use a Barollo for spaghetti sauce.”  – Alissa White, Founder Matcha Source


If you can choose only one matcha utensil, we recommend starting with a bamboo whisk, which froths the tea in the bowl and
brings out the delicate flavor profiles of Kama and Morning Matcha. Additionally, we offer several starter sets and bundles,
here including the WhiskIt Kit 3-Piece Set.



Uniquely suited for creating a frothy bowl of matcha.



Prepare and drink from the same vessel. Choose a bowl you love to handle and look at.



Scoops every last scant of precious matcha powder from your tin.



Recommended to get the clumps out and prepare a perfectly smooth bowl of tea.

Milk Frother


For lattes of course – hot or cold!



Makes splendid iced matcha tea. No hot water required.


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