One Hundred Tulips – Bamboo Whisk and Holder Set


This bamboo whisk is split from one piece into a 100 tulip shaped prongs. Store your whisk on the celadon pedestal.



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One Hundred Tulips – Bamboo Whisk and Holder Set
Cut from one piece of bamboo, this whisk has 100 tulip shaped fronds. Store the whisk over the celadon whisk holder to preserve its shape and promote complete drying.

About The Bamboo Whisk
• Upon opening, run whisk under warm water – the fronds will unfurl.
• After each use, rinse with warm water and place on whisk holder.
• Over time the ends may fray. When this happens, trim slightly with a sharp scissors.
• Replace your whisk from time to time.

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Our customers often ask

How do I prepare matcha tea with a whisk and bowl?

Sift 1-2 tsp matcha tea into a matcha tea bowl. Add 3 oz hot, not boiling, water (about 180 degrees). Whisk vigorously in a zigzag motion until a light foam covers the tea. Matcha is ready to drink. Adjust proportions to taste.

Which matcha utensils are best?

Traditional utensils include a bamboo whisk, tea sifter, ceramic tea bowl and tea scoop. If you can choose only one, we recommend starting with the bamboo whisk, which froths the tea in the bowl and brings out the delicate flavor profiles of matcha. For making blended drinks, we recommend a hand-held milk frother or martini shaker for lattes or iced-tea.

I still have a question - what shall I do?

Speak to an informed friendly Matcha Expert:
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